I am an experienced international editor and producer with over 15 years of on set experience and thrive in all areas of production. My love of production began with images. As a kid I was obsessed with magazines, MTV, The Fashion and how the media works. After college I moved to New York and began working on film and television shoots and my work in production quickly moved on to encompass print editorials as well.

LADYGUNN is the magazine and company I started that focuses on music, art, culture and independent fashion.   I am currently freelancing, traveling, producing, writing, designing and styling with LADYGUNN and other projects! The purpose of putting up this site is to network, share my portfolio, personal experiences and look for great opportunities in the media world where I can use my skills to do awesome things!  I have over 10 years of experience within in the "industry", mostly fashion and music, doing production, design, styling, photo coordination, video editing, marketing and running an office. I'm nice and love to talk about new projects so hit me up!  

Koko Celeste is my line of beautiful work out clothes and accessories inspired by my Nigerian heritage!

I'm based in New York and Stockholm, Sweden.  I'm first generation Nigerian-American. I love production, print, video, editing, casting, the 70s, oversized cotton shirts, girl culture, magazines, blogs, indie stuff and making beautiful, funky and thoughtful messages through my work. 

Some people and places I've worked with:

ELLE, Woman’s Day, MTV, Nickelodeon and Avon, Sony, Beardwood&Co, Sperry Top-Sider, Atlantic Records, Wall Street Journal, Jezebel, New York Magazine, Paper Magazine, Refinery 29, Stylecaster   ///  Phoenix, Charli XCX, Debbie Harry, Estelle, Beach House, Ariel Pink, Jared Leto, Kathleen Hanna, Kathy Wilcox, The Killers, Santigold, Justice, Lykke Li, Norman Reedus, Elizabeth Moss, First Aid Kit, Marina And The Diamonds, Lou Doillon, ++ many more!