Designer Koko Ntuen has always been fascinated and close to her Nigerian roots and heritage. Growing up she was surrounded by the love, culture, sights and smells of the African roots her immigrant parents brought with them as they created a successful life in the United States.

Over the years she traveled frequently to Ikot Ekpene, known throughout Nigeria as the 'The Raffia City' in the southern part of Akwa Ibom state. The city is celebrated for its arts, culture and fashion.  The line Koko Celeste has a deep love for people, beauty and craftsmanship, and we want to share that with the world through our line.  Each item is made by hand in Nigeria by skilled Raffia designers in collaboration with Koko Celeste.

Each season we partner with a different local charity in Nigeria and donate a portion of the proceeds from sales to charitably causes. Koko Celeste is about giving back and helping others grow, it's about real Africa that everyone will cherish for life.